//Ninja’s New House! Streamer Spotlight

Ninja’s New House! Streamer Spotlight


Name: Tyler Blevins
Age: 27
Twitch : Ninja
Youtube: Ninja

Twitch Rich

This May Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made one of the biggest moves of his life. By moves of course we mean he literally moved into a new $1M+ house with his wife right outside his hometown of Grayslake, Illinois.
This accomplishment didn’t come easy for Ninja. He has spent a great deal of hard work and dedication to get where he is now and from fellow Fortnite gamers here at the Greasygrove.com we applaud Ninja and his great achievements. He has not only carved the path for future Twitch.tv streamers but has also managed to aid in making Fortnite one of the largest and most popular video games ever.
Along with the gaining fame, Ninja has been estimated to be making over 500k a month from streaming, sponsorships, and other various means. What better way to treat yo’self then to go out and purchase a nice new 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom million-dollar house with a completely finished basement with a game room, theatre, and bar area. Seeing what “gaming” fame can do to change your life is great for the gaming community and also to spotlight where we are going as a society. This public display of what Ninja has been able to accomplish has proved that being a professional gamer can actually make you a multi-millionaire. What better way to prove to your parents that one more hot drop at tilted is more important than getting enough sleep to go to school the next day than showing them what Ninja has been able to do by playing Fortnite. Now before you waste your life away spending endless hours trying to follow in Ninja’s footsteps we need to let you know that this fame and fortune doesn’t come easy and its not something that is as common as you would think.

Ninja’s New House Information

6,671 sqft
5 Bedrooms
7 Baths
Selling Price: $1,075,000