//Ninja vs Tfue: Finals Rematch (Fortnite Friday 20k prize)

Ninja vs Tfue: Finals Rematch (Fortnite Friday 20k prize)

During Keemstar’s weekly 20k Friday Tournament this week we got to see a rematch between Ninja & Tfue. Last time these two heavy hitters faced each other in the finals was on May 25th where Ninja was partnered with top player King Richard. The tournament is ran in a double elimination bracket meaning one of the teams in the finals will have had to play through the losers bracket. This team is then required to win two matches in a row to take the finals. Matches winners are indicated by the team with the most kills combined between two separate games of Fortnite. When they faced off last time Tfue & duo partner FaZe Cloak were at a disadvantage to begin the finals due to coming from the loser’s bracket. The FaZe duo went on to dismantle Ninja & King Richard with a dominant performance which can be seen in the video below:

Click here to take a look at the bracket from May 25th
This weeks bracket started off with a talent packed match between Tfue | Cloak vs HighDistorstion | Krafty. Starting the tournament off with a bang the Faze boys instantly knocked them down to the losers bracket. Ninja and new duo partner Hysteria cruised through the bracket until being knocked down to the loser’s bracket by SypherPK | Jaomock. With their backs against the wall and facing elimination Ninja | Hysteria were able to take out three straight quality teams to reach the finals again. In the finals, both teams played great but Tfue | Cloak just couldn’t find enough players to kill to keep up with Ninja | Hysteria. The games were close but ultimately Ninja walked away with the win tying up the series 1-1.
These two have been at the top of competitive games for years and a rivalry has been organically formed during their pure dominance of the new style of Battle Royale games. We look forward to future E-Sports play so that we can watch these two compete against each other weekly. If Ninja has finally found a partner he trusts in Hysteria, it is possible that we could see a rematch of this week’s finals next Friday.
Click here to take a look at the bracket from June 29th
This weeks finals match between Ninja | Hysteria and tfue | FaZe Cloak can be seen below: