//Streamer Spotlight – Das Schneid

Streamer Spotlight – Das Schneid


Age: 26
Name: Chase
Location: United States.
Streaming Experience: Less than a month
Overall Wins: 300+
Favorite Gametype: Squads
Favorite Weapon: 2x Gold Heavy Shotguns
Favorite Location: Greasy Grove or DIE
Twitch Username: Das_Schneid


Das Schneid is a veteran gamer that has played both casually and competitively on xbox and PC for 10+ years. Within the past few months Das Schneid began setting up his stream and started broadcasting on twitch.tv. Currently his main game is Fortnite but usually ends the stream with a variety of games. He usually plays squads with the same 4-5 friends going for high kill wins while remaining casual enough to have fun with the chat. We had the pleasure of having a recorded conversation with Das Schneid a few nights ago which you can read below:


TGG: Hows it going das schneid? Is that what you go by?

Das Schneid: Yeah it’s das shhh-niide. My last name is Schneider so I was given the nickname das schneid when I was in the Air Force because people had a hard time pronouncing my name and it made it sound extra German. But, it’s been a good day so far. Nothing out of the ordinary for me.

TGG: Thats whats up. So let’s jump right into it, what made you want to start streaming and are some of your short term goals on twitch?

Das Schneid: So my main reason to start streaming was just my love for gaming. I thought to myself if i’m going to be playing for hours each day why not also try to make it an experience that other people can watch, join, participate, and enjoy. I also love the interacting with people in the chat. I find it very humorous most times. My main short term goal right now is to become a twitch affiliate, which i’m hoping to be able to achieve in the next 30 days or so.

TGG: Good luck bud! Seems like you’re in it for all the right reasons. As a viewer I would say Fortnite is currently your main game. What’s your opinion on the current state of the game & is there anything you’re looking forward in the games future?

Das Schneid: I think the current state of the game is great. Epic has done a great job with improving the game often and they seem to be very responsive to what the community has to say. I’m looking forward to the progression of the competitive side of the game. Especially when it comes to 4 man squads. Can’t wait to watch more of the competitive side of that and also hopefully be part of it.

TGG: As of now, not too much has been announced about future tournaments or rule sets. Anything you would like to see changed/implemented into future competitive play?

Das Schneid: The way they do the Fortnite Friday tournaments is definitely fun to watch because of its intense fast paced gameplay but i would like to see Epic release the ability for certain websites (Gamebattles. CMG, etc.) to host competitive private matches. This would help the Fortnite competitive scene blow up in my opinion and I also think it would be a lot of fun to participate in.

TGG: Agreed. The ability to host private matches is going to shift the entire landscape of competitive play upon release. What’s your stance on Epic’s recent announcement about reducing materials?

Das Schneid: I know a lot of the community isn’t particularly happy with the nerf but I think this is something that is going to be good for the game in the long run. In my opinion nerfing the mats is a great idea because it will force people to be smarter about what and when they build. Building is such a crucial part of the game and when you get multiple teams at the last few circles and they all have max materials the game becomes a joke. I think Epic has realized this upcoming nerf is just the first step to alleviate that problem.

TGG: Hot take! That’s the first solid argument I have for the nerf so far. Going back to the Friday tournament, any streamers that you have been checking out lately?

Das Schneid: I always enjoy tfue. I started watching him when he only had a few hundred viewers and its been awesome to see how Fortnite made his career blow up, and he’s super good at the game. Also love watching the doc play the tournaments, solely for the entertainment.

TGG: Solid choices, definitely some of our favorites. So let’s wrap up and talk about why you chose to play console fortnite.

Das Schneid: So I’ve been gaming ever since I can remember. I think my first system was a sega and ive had almost every console since then. So my roots are most definitely in console gaming. I did move to pc about a year ago to play PUBG with my buddies and got really into other games as well but once I heard fortnite was taking off and all the old friends from back home were slaying kids on console I had to get back to my roots and join the fun.