//Guide to Greasy Grove

Guide to Greasy Grove


Greasy Grove is a top landing spot in all game modes, located conveniently on the southwest side of the map. The Groves location is pretty secluded which makes it less likely for players to rotate and pinch you while you clear the town. If you and your squad are looking for a quiet place to land where you can loot without running into enemies then the grove probably isn’t your best option. You can expect to run into 1-3 teams consistently here. The town is comprised of 7 different buildings, all of which have at least 1 possible chest spawn. It is also full of trees, shrubs & cars making it very easy to gather a solid amount of materials before rotating out to Soccer, Shifty, or Tilted.

Overall Town Rating: 9/10
Total Chest Spawns: 15

Landing Zones

Dropping at Greasy Grove is very simple due to it being on the water and the low points that surround it. In the map above x marks roughly the area you want your chute to deploy. Adjust distance according to what house you plan on landing on.

Landing Locations

The Durrr Burger

Callout: Burger
Chest Spawns: 2
Loot: 6/10

The Durrr burger is the most obvious landmark in greasy grove and you can usually expect to have some company when landing here. The building is 3 stories including a dining area, basement and an upstairs office area making it the only 3 story building in the grove. The sheer size of this building makes its very slow for looting so we do not recommend it as a landing point unless you can snag a weapon from from the roof before beginning to loot.

House 1

Callout: 1
Chests Spawns: 1
Loot: 4/10

House 1 is the only two story house in town that only has one possible chest spawn but the real benefit of landing here is the location. You may have a little less loot than others when landing here but you are positioned directly across from camping world & burger which are the highest action points in town. Typically you can land here grab a gun, and after quickly looting you can take out the players that will be leaving camping world from the roof easily due to how quickly you can loot the house.

House 2

Callout: 2
Chest Spawns: 2
Loot: 7/10

House 2 benefits over house one only due to the fact that it has a second chest spawn. However, this also causes it to be more likely to have immediate competition. If you are confident in landing quicker than the competition and outplaying them then house 2 is better than 1. If you prefer to be able to have a chance to loot before engaging the enemy then house 1 may be a better option.


Callout: Gazebo
Chest Spawns: 1
Loot: 3/10

Very viable landing spots in all modes, however, many buildings have a clear sight of the gazebo area. With a well timed drop, people landing at other buildings can kill you as you go for the only chest.

House 3

Callout: 3
Chest Spawns: 2
Loot: 7/10

Very similar to house 2 but generally takes a few seconds longer to loot do to the differences in the shapes of the houses. You can usually can get an easy kill around “shit house area” after you finish looting.

Shit House

Callout: Shit
Chest Spawns: 1
Loot: 3/10

One story house full off windows with one attic chest, pretty shit tbh. Viable landing spot if you want to grab a quick weapon and then head to another house and engage the enemy.

House 4

Callout: 4
Chests Spawns: 3
Loot: 9/10

Out of the four houses that outline the grove, house 4 is the best loot spot due to having three chests. This makes this a very hot spot to land. If you are landing here, it is advised to go directly for one of the attic chests so that you can use your high ground to kill anyone at the “Dog House” chest. You also have a clear view of gas station roof, an area with little cover but tends to be landed on fairly consistently.

Gas Station

Callout: Gas
Chests Spawns: 0
Loot: 4/10

If you’re the type of player that likes to grab a shotgun and run for quick kills you can sometimes spot one on the way in. Location makes for quick rotations to Camping World, House 4 & Burger where you can surprise players that are still looting.

Camping World

Callout: Camping
Chest Spawns: 3
Loot: 9/10

By far the hottest landing zone in the grove. Although you can almost always expect one other person to land with you, the loot & map control is worth the risk. You can land on the roof, grab the loot on top, and then break your way down to the chests, but many times landing at the front door and running in is a better option. This is because there are multiple gun spawns on the floor and you can beat the person breaking through the roof and surprise them. After looting inside you can either rotate to another building or build up to the roof where you have an open shot on anyone running through the streets or on the roofs of houses.

Closing Remarks

The Greasy Grove can be considered one of the best spots to land when you are playing more for a win, not for high kill games. Although it can be a hot landing zone, many times you will land solo or with one other team. As long as you take care of the one other team, many times you can leave Greasy with all four teammates being alive and fairly well looted. This sets your team up for a solid shot at winning, unlike other towns like Tilted Towers where it can be fairly hard to get out with all four members still alive.